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Welcome from Thakdanai Eua-amnuay

Hi. I’m Thak. It is my pleasure to welcome you to Chiang Dao Base Camp. Please take some time to find out what we can offer you. How we can make your visit to Chiang Dao a special one. I would especially look forward to welcoming you to our Hill Tribe community. To share my local knowledge of our region with you, our community and our people. I speak Thai, English and Lahu. My company Awchaw Tours, is an accredited tour business. We partner with the Borderless Friendship Foundation, Happy Hands sponsors, and associated volunteers to support future opportunities for our Hill Tribe children.

Chiang Dao Basecamp

Chiang Dao Basecamp is the natural choice for your next stay. Enjoy a beautiful natural and relaxed setting. Choose from a range of accommodation styles to suit your taste and budget. Relax on the balcony with a coffee made from organically grown beans. Specially selected from the mountains of the Hill Tribe people. Meanwhile take in the amazing view across the tree tops to the spectacular twin mountains in the background. But the adventure only really starts with one of our tours. Here you can visit popular Doi Luang and Doi Nang. Experience the natural pampering sensation while relaxing in a hot-spring, visit a hill-tribe village and an elephants  nature camp.

But best of all, Chiang Dao Basecamp makes you special part of our Hill Tribe community. A supportive community designed to create a sustainable future for the unique Hill Tribe people. The Chiang Dao Basecamp works with our community in the following ways:

Leadership Home. The beginning of a new future. The Hill Tribe people extend across the mountains of northern Thailand. A population of about eight hundred thousand. Many have no national ID and therefore cannot travel. Most are extremely poor. Combined with a lack of education, the girls are commonly traded by human traffickers. Typically, the “Karaoke” Bars. The beginning of the end. So prevalent is the human trafficking some villages have no girls left. Then there’s the drug trade. The need to get amphetamines across the border down through Bangkok. The Hill Tribe people once again become the target.

But there is hope. Leadership Home is one example. Supported by organisations such as the Borderless Friendship Foundation. Such efforts may be only making a small dent. But its a tremendous start. Giving Hill Tribe children hope. A future. Over sixty percent of the children in the five hostels supported by the foundation are effectively orphans. Either without parents, parents lost to drugs, HIV, or abandoned by their parents. Leadership Home offers a safe caring homely environment. Where in addition to being close to good schools they learn life skills. All the home’s food is grown by the children. From raising pigs  growing rice and  vegetables.

And this is where the partnership with Chiang Dao Basecamp starts. The  Basecamp is creating a market for the freshly grown organic food produced by the home. That market is extending to the children’s family back in their mountain village. Hill Tribe organically grown coffee beans.  Creating economic opportunity. New hope. A brighter future.

The Basecamp’s hospitality and tourism projects will also provide employment opportunities for the children. And importantly, provide an enterprising culture for these children to develop their own skills to use for their future.

Your adventure starts here. And with you, the future of our children.

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